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Being in a car accident is one of the most terrifying experiences that one can have in their life. From the suddenness of the experience to the stress of checking on your health and potential damage to your car and ensuring your future safety, a car accident can traumatize your life in a split second. On top of all this, figuring out how much your claim is worth and knowing your rights after a car accident can be overwhelming. 

Moreover, you or your loved ones might suffer a severe injury due to which you might have to stay in the hospital or be transported to the ER. The costs of tests, CT scans, MRI, medicines, and therapy, will result in burning a hole in your pocket. Not to forget that the notorious insurance companies will do everything in their power to make lowball settlement offers or, worse, blame you for the accident. Our Houston personal injury lawyers have over 30 years of experience in the industry, Houston car accident lawyers are trained to help you maximize the value of your claim.

Houston, TX – Injuries Reported in Two-Vehicle Crash on Shepherd DrWhat Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Were you involved in a car accident recently? Though it might seem impossible, in a situation like this, try keeping yourself calm and focus more on assessing the damages. Once you are relaxed, you should:

1. Call Emergency Services

After the accident, you should look around to see if anyone is injured or needs emergency medical services. In such a case, call 911 and ask the dispatcher to send an ambulance and let them know that you were involved in a car accident. Try to keep yourself calm while waiting for the investigating officer to arrive. If you were involved in a hit-and-run case, don’t attempt to go after the car. Instead, call the police and provide them with the description of the vehicle.

2. Get Information from Everyone Involved in the Crash

If anyone else other than you were a victim of the crash, make sure to get their address, name, phone number, insurance information, and license plate number. Also, don’t discuss any information about the car accident with anyone.

3. Take Pictures of the Scene of the Accident

When taking pictures of the scene, remember to include details of every vehicle involved and not just your car. Also, don’t forget to take pictures of visible injuries.

4. Check for Eye-Witnesses

Look for eye-witnesses and talk to them; discuss if they want to give their name or a statement. Note that an eye-witness testimony can be a critical piece of evidence in your case. 

5. Write Down Details of the Accident

Before you forget the essential details, take a paper to write down the location of the car accident, the time, construction, road hazards, weather conditions, and any other relevant information. 

6. Get Yourself Checked

Whether you are experiencing any noticeable symptoms or pain, get yourself examined by a medical professional within 24 hours of the car accident. Follow your doctor’s orders and get proper treatment. Note that a missed appointment can be a red flag in your case.

7. Notify the Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company, tell them that you were in a car crash, and only provide them with the basic facts. Also, never talk to the insurance company of other drivers.

8. Contact Houston Car Accident Lawyers

Houston car accident lawyers will review every detail of your case. Share every detail about the incident with them, as they will provide you with the right legal options.

The Car Accident Wasn’t Your Fault – Things You Should Know!

If the car accident weren’t your fault, the Houston car accident lawyers would ensure that the driver who caused the accident pays for all liable damages. In such cases, you should:

  • File a claim with your own insurance company.
  • File a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy.
  • Pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

However, according to the state’s comparative negligence law, your compensation will be reduced in case you are even found to be partially at-fault for the car crash. 

Texas Car Accident Report | How to Read It 

car accident police report
car accident police report

Understanding your Texas car accident report can be challenging. This is where Houston car accident lawyers come in. They will not only read it for you but will make sure that you understand everything stated. 

  • Page 01

The first page of your Texas car accident report will provide you with the accident’s location, time, and date, including the street name, city name, and country name, and whether the crash took place at a construction or intersection zone. Page 01 will also have information about the vehicle involved in the accident, passenger, driver, and bystander. You will also see an injury code which will represent the type of injury that any passenger sustained in the accident. 

  • Page 02

The second page will list all charges (if any) filed against the pedestrian, passenger, or driver. This will also include a pictorial diagram of the car accident and a crash narrative comprising the order of events that lead to the crash. There will also be information about the injured victims or if anyone was killed (within 30 days after the car accident). 

  • Page 03

The third page will have all relevant information about commercial vehicles (tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, etc.) involved in the collision. This includes the name, address, contact details, vehicle weight, and even information related to the cargo on the truck.

  • Page 04

The fourth page of a Texas crash report explains all the terminologies and codes which were used in your report. Houston car accident lawyers can help you analyze the report and understand beneficial options. 

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