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Big rig, semi, and 18-wheeler accidents are often particularly terrible due to their sheer size. Passenger vehicles tend to take the brunt of these collisions, often resulting in severe or even fatal injuries.

Why do truck collisions happen so regularly in Texas? Profits frequently take precedence over safety. Our Dallas truck accident lawyers have observed trucking companies and organizations regularly assert that they are updating their safety guidelines and practices to lower the incidence of fatal collisions. Nevertheless, trucking businesses continue to prioritize profits over the safety of other drivers and rarely implement these new protocols.

When a person is injured in a serious truck accident, and they believe the truck driver may be at fault, we highly recommend that they get in touch with a knowledgeable Texas truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. In order to lessen the financial difficulties brought on by medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and non-economic damages, the injured party is often entitled to compensation. The attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm have fought for decades to assist those injured in truck accidents across the state in obtaining the justice they are due. To learn more about how we can assist you, get in touch with our Texas personal injury law firm as soon as possible.

The Most Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents in Texas

Semi-truck accidents are often caused by the reckless actions of one or more drivers. Often, the truck driver’s actions (or lack thereof) are the cause of an accident. We would like to think that the drivers of these enormous trucks, given their size and weight, are more likely to act responsibly while operating them. Sadly, this is not at all the case. Instead, semi-truck accidents continue to leave a large number of drivers in our state with grave injuries, sometimes even resulting in death. Here are seven common causes of truck accidents in Texas:

  • Speeding: A truck driver is operating irresponsibly when they speed to meet a deadline. It's never a good idea to try to drive an 80,000-pound vehicle faster than the posted speed limit. When you have so much bulk and weight behind you, it is difficult to stop.
  • Blind Spots: When taking a semi-truck driving exam, one of the first lessons new drivers are taught is how to avoid blind spots. The majority of truck mirror systems do not give the driver a complete picture of what is behind them. Any honks from worried drivers are also often drowned out by loud engine noise. They can easily side-swipe other vehicles unintentionally because they are unable to see them.
  • Carelessness or Recklessness: Some truck drivers simply have no regard when they presume that because of their enormous size, other drivers must yield to them. Their actions are careless and reckless. Not all drivers who share the roadways with these massive trucks do yield to them, and the consequences can be fatal.
  • Highway Hypnosis: When a driver travels hundreds of miles while staring at the same dull roadside scenery, they develop this condition, which is characterized as a trance-like mood or state. A motorist may eventually lose focus, which can prevent them from reacting appropriately.
  • Heavy Loads:An 18-wheeler truck's balance may be compromised by heavy loads. Even at normal speeds, it becomes more difficult for a trucker to navigate and stop the truck when hauling an extremely large load. Additionally, when a loaded-down truck crashes into a much smaller passenger vehicle, the damage is significantly worse. Although dump trucks and garbage trucks are frequently just as dangerous, tractor-trailer trucks and tanker trucks are known for carrying heavy loads.
  • Inadequate Maintenance: It's essential to maintain semi trucks to prevent mechanical breakdown. If a truck is poorly maintained, even the safest truck driver runs a far higher risk of getting into an accident. Unfortunately, all it takes for an accident to be fatal is a mechanical issue with the suspension or brakes.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Like everyone else, truckers are human, and when they are overworked or exhausted, they make mistakes. It's crucial to understand that many experienced truckers are compensated per mile and hence desire to strain their bodies to the absolute limit in order to earn a higher salary. As a result, many commercial truck drivers overextend themselves and wind up dozing off behind the wheel. Truck drivers are currently permitted to drive for up to 11 hours at a time by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It has been found that several truck drivers fabricated their hours-of-service records to please their employers or earn more money. Unfortunately, truck driver fatigue is frequently a contributing factor in a considerable number of tractor-trailer crashes in our state.

If you were harmed due to a commercial truck crash, you might have legal options available to help you move forward. You must seek the assistance of an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure you can get justice. By scheduling a free consultation with our team at Rasansky Law Firm, we can determine the best approach to help you get justice.


Types of Truck Accidents

More than 30,000 accidents involving commercial vehicles occur each year in Texas. These accidents take the lives of thousands of people while leaving thousands more with devastating injuries.

There are various types of accidents with tractor-trailers that we see take place in Texas every day. Some of the most common types of accidents involving commercial motor vehicles include:

Underride accidents: Underride accidents are some of the most dangerous types of truck accidents. They occur when a smaller vehicle collides with the rear or side of a tractor-trailer, and the smaller vehicle becomes wedged underneath the trailer. Underride accidents can be devastating, resulting in severe injuries or even death.

Several factors can contribute to underride accidents, including:

  • A smaller vehicle traveling too fast for conditions or failing to brake in time
  • Commercial trucks making a sudden stop or lane change
  • Large trucks turning without signaling
  • A defective underride guard on the rear or side of large commercial trucks

Sideswipe accidents: Sideswipe accidents with large trucks are among the most common truck accidents. These accidents occur when the side of a truck collides with another vehicle. Sideswipe accidents are often caused by large trucks making wide turns or changing lanes without checking their blind spots.

Head-on collisions: Head-on truck crashes can occur when the fronts of large trucks crash into the front of other vehicles. These large truck crashes are often a result of truck driver fatigue. When drivers fall asleep while operating their vehicles, they can enter the opposite traffic lanes and crash into other vehicles. They are also caused by drivers who drift into other lanes due to speeding or distracted driving.

Wide turn accidents: It is no secret that trucks generally require a lot of space to make turns. However, this type of situation can lead to a life-altering crash. Truck accidents involving wide turns often occur when the truck driver attempts to make a turn that is too wide for the size and weight of the vehicle. This can result in the truck tipping over or jackknifing, which can cause serious injuries or even death.

Rear-end collisions: Rear-end collisions are the most common type of truck accident, accounting for nearly 20% of all commercial vehicle accidents. They often occur when a truck rear-ends another vehicle, though they can also happen when a truck is hit from behind by another vehicle.

Jackknife accident: This type of truck accident occurs when the trailer of the truck swings around toward the cab. A truck can jackknife due to a variety of reasons. Jackknife accidents are often caused by sudden braking or driving too fast on icy roads. These accidents can be very dangerous, as the trailer can swing into oncoming traffic or into other vehicles nearby.

Rollover truck crashes: Rollover truck accidents are some of the most dangerous types of truck accidents. They often occur when a truck driver loses control of their vehicle, causing it to tip over onto its side or even upside down. Rollover truck accidents can be caused by many factors, including speeding, aggressive driving, weather conditions, and even mechanical problems.

No matter what type of collision occurs, trucking accidents are often devastating. These incidents can result in serious injuries that require medical care. If you were hurt due to another driver's negligence, you must seek the assistance of our Dallas truck accident lawyers immediately. Our team can help you pursue a truck accident claim for compensation against the responsible driver. Contact our Dallas truck accident law firm to schedule a free consultation.

Types of Commercial Vehicles Involved in These Crashes

Commercial vehicle accidents happen every day in our state, resulting in serious injuries for those involved. When it comes to truck accidents, many people think about massive 18-wheelers. However, various types of commercial vehicles can be involved in these accidents. Some types of commercial vehicles include:

  • Big rigs
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Street sweepers
  • Armored trucks
  • Cement trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • 18-wheelers
  • Tanker trucks
  • Marcellus shale trucks
  • Coal trucks
  • Tractor-trailers
  • Logging trucks
  • Tow trucks

In general, if a commercial driver's license is required to operate the vehicle, it can fall under truck accident laws and guidelines. If this is the case for your accident, you must reach out to our skilled legal team at Rasansky Law Firm immediately.

Any commercial truck accident has the potential to result in devastating pain and suffering. Injured parties must take swift legal action to ensure they have the best chances of getting justice after being harmed. Filing a timely truck accident claim can make a big difference in your ability to get justice after being harmed.

Why are 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents So Deadly?

18-wheeler accidents can cause severe injuries and death due to their massive size compared to other vehicles on the road. This means greater force upon impact. The typical injuries that result from 18-wheeler collisions include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, brain damage, and even death.

The Dallas truck accident lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm evaluate each 18-wheeler truck accident thoroughly, looking at every possible angle and every potential party that may share in the blame. Potentially-liable parties can include the trucking company operating the semi, the manufacturer of your car or the 18-wheeler, road construction companies' failure to provide appropriate notice of road defects or road hazards, fleet maintenance companies for failing to maintain the vehicle, and others.

The laws involved in truck accident cases are difficult to navigate and often extremely complex. Because of this, you must talk to a lawyer about your case immediately after your accident. Our experienced truck accident attorneys will evaluate your case at no cost to you. We can take your case on a contingency basis, which means there are no fees unless we win your case.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents in Texas leave thousands of people injured every year. In some cases, only minor injuries occur that require minimal to moderate amounts of medical care. In more severe cases, an injured truck accident patient may remain hospitalized for several days and must follow up with months of therapy and rehabilitation.

Although no two truck accidents are alike, we see many similarities regarding the types of injuries that happen. Some of the most common injuries from truck accidents include:

Broken bones: Fractures can occur in any bone in the body, but the most common site of fractures in truck accidents is the ribs. The force of the impact can cause the ribs to break, resulting in severe internal injuries. A broken bone can sometimes puncture a lung or other vital organ. In addition to ribs, fractures of the femur and pelvis are common in truck accidents. These types of fractures can be severe because they often require surgery to repair. A pelvis fracture can also cause internal bleeding that can be life-threatening.

Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. These injuries can occur at any level of the spine, potentially causing paralysis. When it comes to spinal cord injuries, they can either be complete or incomplete. Spinal cord injuries that are complete result in the total loss of function below the level of the injury. When a spinal cord is incomplete, some level of function below the level of the injury can be preserved. The extent of paralysis and other symptoms will vary depending on the severity of the injury and where it occurs on the spine.

Traumatic brain injuries: Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are one of the most common truck accident injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild to severe and can have long-term effects on the injured’s physical, cognitive, and emotional health and well-being.

Internal organ injuries: A number of different internal organ injuries can occur as a result of a truck accident. These include injuries to the lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver. Internal bleeding is also a common injury with any of these organs. Any type of internal organ injury can be devastating and life-threatening. These injuries require emergency medical treatment or can become fatal.

Burn injuries: Burn injuries from truck accidents can be caused by a number of factors. These include contact with hot surfaces, chemicals, or even explosives. Burn injuries can range from mild to severe in nature and can require extensive medical care.

Cuts and lacerations: Cuts and lacerations can range in severity from minor cuts to deep wounds that require immediate medical care. In some instances, these injuries can result in damage to the nerves and muscles. Cuts and lacerations are often caused by flying debris or broken glass. They can also be caused by sharp edges on the truck itself, such as the bumper or grill.

Any type of truck wreck injury can be incredibly debilitating. Many people require extensive medical treatment and face towering medical bills for care. After being hurt in a truck accident, you must reach out to our truck accident lawyers to see how a personal injury claim can help you move forward. Our team can help you pursue a truck accident lawsuit after identifying the liable parties.


Liable Parties in Texas Truck Accidents

Unlike most auto accidents, those involving commercial transport vehicles often have much heftier insurance policies available. This is because truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and extensive damages. Truck accidents frequently have several parties who can be named in personal injury lawsuits in Texas. Some parties who are liable for the injuries and damages in truck accidents throughout Texas include:

Truck Drivers: The truck driver bears the most significant share of liability in most truck accidents. This is because driver error is a leading cause of truck accidents. When truck drivers engage in reckless, negligent, or distracted behaviors while operating their vehicles, they are likely to cause life-altering accidents involving others on the road.

The Truck Owner: The truck's owner must ensure drivers are qualified, responsible, and diligent while operating their vehicles. Truck owners need to verify licenses, confirm experience, and ensure the driver has a good driving record.

The Trucking Company: Trucking companies are often rushed to hire new drivers to deliver loads that they take shortcuts. When trucking companies fail to ensure drivers are licensed and experienced, they can be held liable for instances where accidents occur.

Cargo Company: Cargo companies must load products onto trailers with care and consideration. It is imperative that the products are evenly distributed to prevent tip-overs from happening. When trucks are not loaded correctly, it can lead to shifts in the load. It is equally important that cargo is adequately secured in the trailer. When cargo companies engage in reckless and negligent practices, it can lead to significant accidents.

Manufacturers: Semi-trucks must function as they are intended. Trucks with faulty brakes, accelerators, and other malfunctioning parts can be impossible to control. As a result, drivers are likely to be involved in collisions. When truck accidents are caused by defective or malfunctioning parts or vehicles, the truck manufacturer and other parties can be held liable for injuries and damages.

Those injured in truck accidents should seek legal guidance from qualified attorneys who have a thorough understanding of federal and state laws and regulations surrounding truck accidents. Our team at Rasansky Law Firm has decades of experience helping our clients maximize their recoveries after being involved in a truck accident. Contact our law firm today to protect your legal rights and get the justice you deserve.

Maximize Your Recovery After a Truck Accident in Texas

The Dallas truck accident lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm are sharply focused on helping people who were injured in a truck accident move forward with their lives. We strive to help our clients achieve their recovery goals and overcome the detrimental effects of their accidents. The best way we can do this is by helping our clients obtain the maximum compensation possible to cover the economic and non-economic damages they face.

The attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm believe that someone who was injured in a wreck that wasn’t their fault should never be forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs, lose wages, and suffer additional financial losses as well as non-economic damages. For this reason, we help them obtain the maximum amount available by demanding all the various kinds of compensation the law allows plaintiffs to collect:

  • Medical bills for doctor appointments, surgery, hospitalization, and various treatments
  • Long-term costs related to therapy, rehabilitation, and medication
  • Lost income related to taking time off for appointments and recovery
  • Lost earning capacity for plaintiffs who are left permanently impaired
  • Mental anguish as well as pain and suffering
  • Disfigurements or loss of limb
  • Loss of consortium which can mean loss of relationship benefits from a spouse

When someone dies in a truck accident that was caused by the actions of other drivers, their family still has the right to collect compensation. We help the surviving loved ones obtain full and fair compensation through wrongful death claims. Our truck accident attorneys in Texas help families maximize their recoveries to pay for for funeral arrangement costs, burial services fees, loss of benefits, and more.

If you were injured in a truck accident, or your loved one lost their life due to another driver's actions, contact our law firm today to explore legal options available for you.

How Our Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

After being hurt in a truck accident, you will most likely require medical care that takes up a lot of time and financial resources. Insurance companies tend to take advantage of the vulnerability of those injured in these types of accidents by offering them quick cash after being harmed. Many accident victims are unaware of the negative consequences that accepting a settlement offer immediately after a crash can have. For this reason, you must seek the assistance of a Dallas truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Don’t let the insurance company trick you into signing an agreement that pays you far less than you deserve to be compensated.

Following your crash, our lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm will take all of the legal work off your hands to ensure you can get justice and receive fair compensation for your damages. Throughout the duration of truck accident cases, our legal team offers clients various services to ensure they can protect their legal rights. Some of the services you can depend on from our Dallas truck accident attorney include:

  • Investigate your accident: When you hire us, our Dallas truck accident lawyer will investigate your truck crash immediately. We'll collect evidence from the accident scene, interview witnesses, and review relevant medical records. We'll also assess the damage to your vehicle and estimate the cost of repairs or replacement.
  • Build your case: Once our Dallas truck accident lawyers clearly understand what happened and who is liable, we will start building a strong truck accident case for you. We'll negotiate with the insurance companies and fight for the full compensation you deserve under the law.
  • Educate you with regard to your legal rights: You must understand your legal rights after a truck accident. Our Dallas truck accident lawyers can help educate you about your rights and options. Our team will help you make informed decisions about your truck accident case.
  • Provide access to experts who can help: We will provide the resources you need to get your life back on track. We will connect you with expert witnesses can help build your case. Our team works with professional reconstructionists who know how to prove various details surrounding car and truck crash cases. We also work with financial experts who can calculate all the damages you face. Finally, our firm works with medical experts who can help prove your injuries and demonstrate the level of care you require. Our personal injury attorneys will work diligently to put together the best team to ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable for their actions.
  • Handle communication with the insurance company: It is no secret that the insurance company will do everything in its power to downplay the severity of your injuries. The insurance adjuster may even offer you a lowball settlement for your damages. Our team will handle communications with the insurance company to ensure they do not try to take advantage of you.
  • Demand compensation for your damages: We will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve, and we will not rest until you are satisfied with the outcome of your case. We understand the many challenges you face, and we are here to help you overcome them. To do so, our Dallas truck accident lawyers can help you demand compensation for your damages to ensure you have the money you need to cover your expenses and losses moving forward.
  • Represent you in court: Our team has decades of experience representing truck accident victims inside and outside of the courtroom. If we are unable to come to a settlement agreement with the insurance company, we will not hesitate to present evidence and information for your truck accident claim in court to a judge and jury to help you achieve a favorable verdict for your case.

If you have been harmed in a truck accident due to another driver's negligent or reckless actions, we strongly recommend that you reach out to our truck accident lawyer immediately for a free case evaluation. Our legal team can get started on your case immediately to ensure you can get justice.

Contact a Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer Today

If you sustained injuries in a truck accident due to another driver's negligent actions, you must act quickly to protect your legal rights and best interests. There is a statute of limitations on personal injury cases, so the sooner you get the legal support you need, the better.

Do not try to negotiate with the negligent party on your own. The insurance company will no doubt try to minimize your accident claims, distort the facts, and possibly even outright lie to you. Never accept their terms, and do not attempt to negotiate. Doing this only diminishes the value of your case and puts at risk our ability to help you.

Being represented by a knowledgeable attorney gives you the best chance to get the compensation you deserve. Contact Rasansky Law Firm to speak with a Dallas truck accident lawyer. If we take your case, there is no up-front cost to you. We only get paid if we successfully recover compensation. We take all the financial risk so that you can focus on recovery.

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