Get this FREE book! Cerebral Palsy Childcare Companion

Cerebral Palsy Childcare Companion

Get this FREE book, “Childcare Companion: A Trusted Resource for Information to Care for Your Special Needs Child” for valuable tips, info and advice.

This Childcare Companion is to be used as a resource to gather and organize all of the vital information that you will need for your special needs child.

The aim of this book is to make caring for your special needs child easier by providing you a place to put all of the most important information about your child’s doctors and other health information. By having all of your child’s relevant medical information in one place, your life is not only easier, but it is invaluable in the event of an emergency.

Although it will take some time and effort to compile all of the information in this book, you and anyone who helps care for your child will not have to worry about locating vital information again.

Organize helpful information, such as:

  • Hospital Information
  • Community Health Care/Service Providers
  • Family Information
  • Family Support Resources
  • Your Child’s Contacts List
  • Growth Tracking

Educate yourself on various topics, such as:

  • Learn why it’s important to keep this information handy;
  • Learn how to prepare for emergencies;
  • Discover new and helpful resources;
  • Discover new insurance/funding sources;
  • Learn how to cope with stress and manage your time.

It is our hope that this book will become an invaluable resource for you and your family as you care for your special needs child.

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