Dealing With Insurance After An Accident in Fort Worth

Car accident ft worthHave you recently been involved in a Fort Worth accident? Regardless of whether it was your fault or if you were the victim, you would be dealing with an insurance company involved in it. It can either be yours or the other party, but one thing is for sure dealing with them will not be pleasant.

Insurance companies are renowned for dodging your case for as long as possible. After all, they are a profit maximizing business that charges a premium subscription, but they want to avoid this responsibility for as long as possible when it comes to paying. This is why we believe that if you want to make your life easier, you should hire lawyers to deal with your Fort Worth accident problems.

Matters You Have To Deal With After a Fort Worth Accident with Insurance Companies

If you are involved in a Fort Worth accident for the first time, you can expect to be involved in the following matter with your insurance company.

1. Investigation

Regardless of who is at fault, insurance companies are infamous for dragging their investigations to no end. One of their hopes is that the inquirer forgets about it and moves on with their lives, so they don’t have to cover the damages. 

They are not afraid to go to extreme lengths to ensure you get so frustrated that you want nothing to do with them. This is why if you are involved in a Fort Worth accident, you need a professional lawyer’s assistance to fight your case.

2. Blame Game

Another matter that is frustrating beyond means is that every insurance company will try to find loopholes to deny your coverage so they can maintain their profit margins higher. This vicious blame game is a cycle you must prepare yourself for if dealing with an accident.

3. Low Settlement Offers

After relentless hard work, when you are finally able to convince them to pay for your settlement, their last hurdle is to con you by offering you low settlement offers, for which they have a host of bogus reasons. If you don’t have a professional lawyer dealing on your behalf, then this is where they con you to keep their pockets full.

Things You Should Know About Insurance Companies in Fort Worth

Now that you know all about the matters you’ll have to deal with your insurance company, let’s focus on learning the information which they will most likely hide from you.

1. They Will Look for Loopholes to Deny Your Claim

You should be aware that you need the services of a professional lawyer by your side because the insurance company will try to find every possible loophole so they can be able to deny your claim.

2. There Are Three Brackets of Drivers Insurance

Texas ensures that every legal driver is covered by three brackets of insurance for all their drivers, which are 30,000 for a single injured person, 60,000 for two or more people, and 25,000 for property damages. Yet insurance company will try their best to hide this information from you so you won’t ask for your right and settle for their peanuts settlement. This reason alone is why you need the services of a professional lawyer.

3. Fort Worth Offers You PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

If you are involved in a Fort Worth accident, please know that Fort Worth offers personal injury protection to all people involved regardless of who’s at fault. If you were involved in the accident, your medical should be covered by them, no questions asked. Still, not knowing this doesn’t stop them from trying to dodge this responsibility.

Insurance Claims Only Let Your Attorney Deal With In a Fort Worth Accident

Lastly, now that you know the matters, you will deal with insurance companies and the potential tactics they might use to deny your claim. What you must learn now are the incidents where you should only let your lawyer deal with them; otherwise, they might try to con you. We believe the following are the most crucial insurance claim you should only let your lawyer handle.

1. Rental Reimbursement

During the accident, when your car is in repair, you would need to rent a car to commute, and every insurance company covers this, so you should let your lawyer deal with this claim; otherwise, thinking you lack the knowledge they will leave no stone unturned to try to deceive you.

2. Medical Reimbursement

Nowadays, just a single visit to the emergency room can cost you well above hundreds of dollars, so imagine what an accident treatment would cost. This is another claim you should strictly let your lawyer handle; otherwise, due to the large sum involved, they will try to deny your rightful claim using bogus reasons with no merit behind them.

3. Car Repair Reimbursement

If you have ever been to a repair shop, you know how much they cost, which is why this is another claim that insurance company tries their best to dodge. However, if you are smart, you will let your lawyers handle this claim to get your car the care it deserves.

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