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OSHA estimates that there are over 96,000 injuries resulting from forklift accidents in the U.S. on a yearly basis, with about 35,000 of those classified as serious injuries.

Forklift Accident Attorney
Injured in a Forklift Accident?

Forklifts are an invaluable part of many industrial operations. They are used in manufacturing, construction, warehouses, and many other industries where heavy lifting is required. That being said, forklifts pose a clear and present danger to the people operating them. These accidents often result in injuries, and many are catastrophic.

Forklift injuries can easily land you in hospital for extended periods of time. In addition, some forklift injuries may put you out of work permanently, effectively making it next to impossible to earn a decent living. This financial burden should not be placed on the victim, and that is where a personal injury attorney comes in.

Your ability to sue heavily depends on many circumstances, including whether or not the employer was covered by a workers’ comp insurance policy (approved by the Texas Department of Insurance).

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What causes forklift accidents?

Here are just a few of the scenarios and circumstances that have been found to cause forklift accidents:

  • Overloading of forklifts leading to them tipping over
  • Pedestrians being hit by forklifts
  • Loads falling off a machine
  • Improper forklift maintenance
  • Improper employee training
  • Allowing those under 18 to operate the forklift
  • Crowded and narrow aisles which don’t leave enough room for forklift maneuvering
  • Loss of control by operator
  • Improper use

Injuries common to forklift accidents.

Some of the injuries that may arise due to forklift injuries include:

  1. Broken bones
  2. Spinal cord injuries
  3. Crush injuries
  4. Impalement
  5. Head and brain trauma
  6. Severe cuts and bruises
  7. Electrocution
  8. Nerve damage
  9. Wrongful death

What about workers’ comp?

Contrary to popular belief, many industries which employ forklift operators are not covered by true workers’ compensation insurance. While those who are covered by workers’ compensation are barred from filing an injury lawsuit against their employer (except in cases of gross negligence), those not covered by state-run workers’ comp may be able to recover significantly more compensation through a normal work injury lawsuit.

Many non-subscribing employers also buy non-state-approved employee injury compensation policies in an effort to FOOL their employees into thinking that they cannot sue. Do NOT take an employers word for it! Check the Texas Department of Insurance’s website to verify that the coverage is state-approved. Alternatively, our firm can do this for you free of charge.

Because of the complicated nature of workers’ compensation in Texas, it’s extremely important to seek out the services of an experienced Dallas forklift injury lawyer to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation to cover any bills you may incur during treatment, wages you might have lost when you were out of work on account of your injuries, pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and more.

Dallas Forklift Accident Attorney
Dallas Forklift Accident Attorney

In addition, there’s a possibility that more than one party could be involved in a forklift injury lawsuit (such as the manufacturer of the forklift through a product liability claim).

A good personal injury lawyer will carry out extensive investigations to find out if any of the following parties contributed to your injury:

  1. The property owner
  2. The contractor or subcontractor
  3. The company that manufactured the forklift
  4. The building supervisor
  5. Another employee

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