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Dallas Whistleblower Attorney
Dallas Whistleblower Lawyers

Whistleblowers play a paramount role when it comes to government operations and the society at large. Whistleblowers are the brave among us who are not afraid to stand up for what is right and just, and those who will not sit quietly while gross corruption and mismanagement takes place.

Employees working in sensitive areas such as the federal government, the military, airport operations, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, nursing homes, and transportation companies often see things that may pose a risk to the general public. They may decide to come forward and file a report with the appropriate authorities in hopes of enacting change and recovering a monetary award, or they may keep what they saw or heard to themselves for fear of retaliation.

As your attorney, it is our job to ensure that you are protected from retaliation, to make sure your complaints are taken seriously, and to secure every penny you legally deserve for the valuable information you have provided.

Origins of the Whistleblower Act.

Integrity is at the heart of any profitable and progressive company or well-lead government. The 101st Congress (back in 1989) sought to preserve this concept by enacting The Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA) of 1989. Introduced by Carl Levin (D-MI), this Act is an attempt to protect federal employees from retaliation should they take on the whistleblower role.

The Texas Whistleblower Act

Texas, like many states, has a variation of the national whistleblower act laws, changed to suit the unique needs of its residents. The Texas Whistleblower Act only applies to employees working in government/public bodies. The Act looks to provide injunctive validation, should an employee be persecuted for blowing the lid on shady activities while working in public office.

“The Texas Whistleblower Act protects public employees who make good faith reports of violations of law by their employer to an appropriate law enforcement authority. An employer may not suspend or terminate the employment of, or take other adverse personnel action against, a public employee who makes a report under the Act.” -Texas Attorney General

This Act covers compensation for things like lost wages, back pay, attorney’s fees, court costs and more. However, one cannot recover punitive damages since the Act was amended to exclude this back in 1995. In addition, it’s not uncommon for a Texas whistleblower to be legally fired even after filing a report citing disingenuous operations in a public office.

Whistleblower protection can be quite complex, but when you call Rasansky Law Firm at (214) 617-1886, we’ll explain exactly what you can expect, as well as the options available to you.

Types of whistleblower/ qui tam cases we accept.

If you’re interested in filing a Texas whistleblower retaliation lawsuit or qui tam lawsuit, you must do so within 2 years of the discharge/retaliation happening, or within 180 days if your case involves discrimination. Due to the complex nature of these cases, working closely with a whistleblower lawyer in Dallas, Texas is your best bet at securing a favorable outcome. Call Rasansky Law Firm today at (214) 617-1886 and let’s discuss your options.

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