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Each year, millions of products are bought and sold. Subsequently, many individuals are injured or killed by dangerous products. These products can range from cars to household products. From a report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, our product liability attorney wasn’t surprised to learn that the U.S. averages 25,900 deaths and 33.2 million injuries each year from consumer products, despite significant reductions from earlier years.

Product liability with household items.

Defective & Dangerous Products
Defective & Dangerous Products

Household items are products we use at home, which include bed mattresses, appliances, furniture and cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, by using these products, the element of danger may not be so obvious or transparent.

For instance, using non-stick cookware at high temperatures can release toxic gasses that can cause cancer, organ failure and other illnesses. Our product liability attorney points out a few dangerous products that are found in the household:

  • Air Fresheners – Although they are used to re-fresh the air, some air fresheners have been reported to release chemicals that cause birth defects and reproductive issues, according to Alternet.
  • Bed Mattresses – Mattresses are notorious as a dangerous product. Vinyl/PVC is used as a waterproofing component of baby mattresses and changing pads, and they contain toxic additives. Polyurethane foam, used to fill baby mattresses and changing pads, is extremely flammable.
  • Clothes’ Dryers – By not cleaning the lint filter, your dryer may be a dangerous product. According to CPSC, over 15,000 fires have been the result of clogged lint filters.

Unsafe personal items.

Did you know that clothes, shoes, exercise equipment and hair dryers can be considered dangerous products? Children’s clothes are frequently recalled for potentially dangerous products. For an up-to-date listing, you can visit Parents.com. Some other examples of dangerous products include:

  • Exercise Equipment – Fitness balls can be subject to burst if overfilled.
  • Clothing – Clothes manufactured in other countries may be considered dangerous products due to flammable materials used to make them. Recently ConsumerReports.org reported how women’s chenille robes can be dangerous.

Dangerous recreation items.

Recreational items such as bicycles, ATV’s, and even sporting goods can be considered unsafe products. Product liability cases have been brought against recreational items. Here are two examples:

  • ATV’s – ATV’s have consistently known to hurl riders violently to the ground. ATV’s have a long list of recalls; they have also been known to be recalled due to fire hazards and possible explosions.
  • Sporting Goods Products – Bicycles, helmets and even dart games have all frequented recall lists. Head and neck injuries have been the result of many bicycle accidents.
  • Guns & firearms – The accidental discharge of a firearm can (of course) have devastating consequences.

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