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Mental & emotional abuse at a nursing home is unacceptable, and our firm may be able to help you pursue a nursing home abuse claim.

Emotional and mental abuse incidents occur far too frequently in nursing home across Dallas, Texas and the United States, and there is nothing that can stop the pain when your loved one in a nursing home is mentally or emotionally abused. It is sad to imagine that nurses, nurse aides, and nursing home staff play mind games and berate nursing home residents in an effort to control the residents’ activities of daily living.

What is emotional/mental abuse?

Nursing home residents are prone to these attacks due to their frail nature. Because of their frail condition, many nursing home residents are not able to fight or defend themselves and this leaves them open for emotional and mental abuse.

Examples of mental and emotional abuse include the following:

  • Intimidation of the resident by yelling and screaming;
  • Threats of withholding food, water, or medication;
  • Threats of violence or sexual abuse;
  • Humiliation by not changing bed linens, dirty clothes, or leaving a resident uncovered (fully or partially exposed either in public or in his room for other care givers to view);
  • Ignoring the resident pleas for help and assistance
  • Isolating the resident from family and friends – not taking the resident to the community dining hall or other community social event
Mental Abuse of the Elderly
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Signs of emotional and mental abuse.

There are certain red flags and signs that can help you detect nursing home mental and emotional abuse. The key is to be observant and listen to the residents’ complaints and concerns.

  • Mood swings – changes in personality and behavior
  • If your loved one suddenly begins to display odd behavior including mumbling to themselves, sucking on an unusual object or body part, or rocking in place.
  • Frequent arguments between nursing home staff and resident
  • Threatening or intimidation from staff member you observe from other residents
  • Withdrawal, depression, or being non-communicative
  • Highly defensive manner or emotionally upset
  • Repeated desires to leave the nursing home they reside in

If you suspect your loved on is being abused, contact The National Center for Elder Care and report it.  Then call the nursing home mental abuse lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm to protect your legal rights.

Nursing home rights for residents.

Nursing home facilities have certain federal regulations and laws that may affect their federal funding. These laws help to detail the type and quality of care nursing home residents must receive. Passed in 1987, the Nursing Home Reform Act set unprecedented standards for facilities that care for elderly patients.  AARP lists some of the nursing home residents’ rights:

  • Residents have the right to make independent choices – nursing home residents can decide for themselves what clothes to wear or what to do in their free time. They can also choose their own activities in and out of the nursing home facility. It is up to the nursing home to make reasonable accommodations for the resident’s needs and preferences.
  • Residents have the right to dignity, respect, and freedom – Nursing home residents must be treated with respect and consideration, without fear of mental abuse.
  • Residents have the right to complain – They must be able to do so without fear of emotional abuse.

The experienced nursing home abuse lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm have the resources to help guide you through the process of your nursing home case, answer your questions and work to help you achieve results that will try to ensure that this type of behavior does not happen again. Call us today for a FREE Consultation and put our experience nursing home mental abuse lawyer to work for you immediately.

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