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OSHA estimates that there are about 125,000 cranes operating in the country at any given time. These machines serve a useful purpose in many Dallas construction sites where heavy loads are required to be moved from one point to another, but they do not come without their risks.

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Due to a crane’s size and potential for serious injury, extra care must be taken to prevent accidents which, should they happen, often prove catastrophic. If you’ve been injured (or have lost a loved one) in a Dallas-area crane accident, call Rasansky Law Firm today for a free consultation. We can explain the legal options available to you, for free, over the phone.

While it’s possible that the crane in question had a manufacturing defect or was otherwise defective, history tells us that these accidents are almost always caused by human error. This doesn’t mean that the operator is solely liable for all resulting injuries though.

It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that workers are adequately trained, that proper procedure is always followed, and that precautionary safety measures are taken. If an employer fails in this regard and someone is injured or killed as a result, the victims and their families may be able to recover significant compensation through a work injury lawsuit.

Alternatively, if the crane accident was caused by an equipment failure, the victim may have a valid product liability claim against the crane’s manufacturer. Have your attorney perform an in-depth investigation in order to determine exactly what caused the accident, as well as who likely bears liability for the resulting injuries. Do not wait for OSHA to finish their investigation before contacting an attorney, and do not sign anything related to the accident until your attorney has reviewed it.

A few common causes of crane accidents:

  1. Lack of safety or operation knowledge on the side of the operator or supervisor
  2. Poor weather such as strong winds or rains
  3. Operators picking up oversized loads, causing the crane to topple over
  4. Loads dropping from a crane due to the operator’s inattention
  5. Rigging mistakes pre-operation
  6. Defective crane parts which then give way during its operation
  7. Poorly maintained equipment that isn’t inspected for issues on a regular basis
  8. Poorly set up foundation
  9. An operator using a crane while severely fatigued or inebriated

Those injured in crane collapses or other crane-related accidents in Dallas often suffer serious injuries such as crush injuries, paralysis, head trauma, internal organ damage, electrocution, and wrongful death. In order to receive compensation for these damages, you likely have two potential options:

  1. File a workers’ compensation claim. While workers’ compensation doesn’t compensate you for things such as pain and suffering, it does cover a portion of your lost income, and you’re usually able to receive medical treatment at no cost. That being said, workers’ comp is NOT required in Texas, and many employers in the construction industry choose to go without it. If your employer does NOT subscribe to workers’ compensation, your only option is to file a lawsuit (but that’s not necessarily a bad thing).
  2. File a personal injury lawsuit. While workers’ comp pays benefits almost immediately, the compensation you may receive is nowhere even close to what you can recover through a lawsuit. Our attorneys will seek compensation for 100% of your damages, and work tenaciously to either secure a fair settlement or take your case to trial. The good news is that hiring a construction accident lawyer actually costs nothing out of pocket. You only pay attorneys fees if they successfully recover compensation for you.

Our Dallas attorneys can help.

At Rasansky Law Firm, we will carry out extensive investigations, review maintenance and inspection records, as well as interview any workers that may have witnessed the accident. In addition, we may be able to subpoena any video footage of the accident (should any CCTV video exist) as well as collect physical evidence from the scene of the accident. Because evidence is quickly lost and memories fade, it is important that you get in touch with us as soon as possible to begin preparing your case. If you’ve been injured in a crane accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call Rasansky Law Firm today at (214) 617-1886.

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