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Every year, approximately 25,000 people are injured in bus accidents throughout the United States. Although bus accidents happen less frequently than collisions involving two or more sedans, SUVs, or pickup trucks, they often result in more injuries than any other type of crash. The large capacity of buses, and the fact that riders are not always required to wear seatbelts, increases the likelihood of bus accidents being catastrophic. Those who are injured in these collisions often require extensive medical treatment and have to spend months in recovery.

Dallas Bus Accident Attorney
Dallas Bus Accident Lawyer

A fair share of these accidents happen in Texas and leave numerous people with debilitating injuries that cause them overwhelming pain and suffering. If you have been injured in an accident involving a DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) bus, a school bus, a charter bus, or a long-distance travel bus such as those operated by Greyhound and Trailways, we may be able to help you recover compensation for injuries and damages you’ve sustained. Working with a Dallas bus accident lawyer in the aftermath of your collision ensures you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

The Dallas bus accident attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm have decades of experience helping those who get injured in wrecks receive justice after being harmed due to someone else’s negligence. We are committed to helping the injured obtain the maximum amount of compensation available so they can reach their recovery goals.

We also take bus accident cases on contingency at Rasansky Law Firm. This means you never pay us anything upfront, and we only get paid if we actually win your case. We do this in order to remove any financial risk on your part. We know you’re not in a position to spend money on a lawyer when you’re contending with medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses, so through a contingency agreement, you’ll never pay us a dime out of your own pocket.

What Sets Bus Accidents Apart from Other Types of Accidents

Injury accident claims involving a bus are handled much differently than a normal car accident claim. There are more variables involved in bus accidents, each of which can have a significant impact on how a case must be treated.

While most people don’t realize this, commercial bus drivers actually operate under an additional set of federal rules laid out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These laws clearly define how long the driver can be behind the wheel, how long the vehicle can be in motion before the driver must rest, when the driver is permitted to use a mobile phone, and many other variables as well.

Because buses carry numerous passengers, bus accidents bring up another big issue: insurance coverage. While buses typically have liability insurance, when numerous individuals sustain injuries in the same accident, the cumulative policy demands can often exceed the coverage.

For this reason, you must act as quickly as possible if you’ve been injured in a Dallas bus accident. Taking your time to file a claim is never a good idea in any auto accident, but in this case, it could affect your ability to recover anything at all.

If you’ve been hurt in a Dallas bus accident, your first step should be to seek out medical attention for your injuries. Your next step should be to contact a Dallas bus accident lawyer.

Why Bus Accidents are More Catastrophic than Other Crashes

Thousands of buses travel through our state each day. When these large commercial vehicles are involved in accidents, they often cause catastrophic and life-altering injuries to those affected. Some of the various factors that contribute to the severity of bus accidents across Texas include:

Buses contain risks that most other vehicles do not have. Like semi-trucks, buses take longer to start and stop. This increases the likelihood of being involved in an accident. This is particularly true in congested areas and under emergency circumstances where vehicles need to come to a stop quickly. The size of the buses, particularly their height, places them at an increased risk of rolling over. There are also various loose objects on buses, which can become projectiles during accidents, posing a serious hazard.

Buses are much larger than most other vehicles. Most car accidents involve very few passengers. On the other hand, buses can carry between 50 and 100 passengers, depending on the type of bus. Therefore, these accidents often result in dozens of people being injured.

Passengers are not the only ones at risk. Sharing the road with pedestrians, bicyclists, as well as drivers and passengers in other vehicles, increases everyone’s risk of being injured. The size of buses means they are likely to produce substantial force in a collision, which is more likely to cause fatal injuries for occupants in smaller vehicles and those traveling on foot.

People entering and exiting buses are at risk as well. When people are loading onto buses or crossing the road in front of buses, they are likely to suffer injuries. Standing too close to the curb, trying to enter or exit a bus before it comes to a complete stop, and not observing your surroundings can quickly cause you to become involved in a bus accident.

Whether your accident involved a DART bus, a school bus, a tour bus, a party bus, etc., Rasansky Law Firm may be able to help you. Call (214) 617-1871 right now to discuss the facts of your case, and learn how we can help.

Causes of Bus Accidents

There are a multitude of reasons why a bus can get into an accident. Driver fatigue is one of the most common. Some of the other common causes of bus accidents include:

  • Road rage or driving aggressively: When bus drivers get angry or aggressive while behind the wheel, they may make poor decisions that can lead to serious accidents. They may tailgate other vehicles, switch recklessly between lanes, or engage in other careless actions that place themselves and others at risk.
  • Speeding: There are countless instances where innocent people suffer serious injuries as a result of Dallas bus accidents caused by speeding. When drivers travel too fast, they are likely to lose control of their vehicles and cause serious injuries. Unfortunately, speeding also often increases the severity of any injuries that the injured parties sustain.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse: When drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are likely to cause a more severe bus accident that results in devastating injuries. Impairment makes it difficult for bus drivers and other motorists to make responsible decisions while behind the wheel. As a result, they are likely to cause devastating collisions.
  • Too much time on the road: When bus drivers spend too much time out on the road, they may become drowsy while operating their vehicles. As a result, they may fall asleep or drift into other lanes while behind the wheel. This can have severe consequences on bus passengers and other people sharing the road. Unfortunately, drowsy and fatigued drivers continue to cause accidents every day across our state.
  • Dangerous roadways: When road conditions are unsafe to travel on, it can lead to devastating bus accidents. Unfortunately, we see many accidents take place as a result of broken or damaged road surfaces. This damage to the roadway causes bus drivers to lose control of their vehicles.
  • Poor weather conditions: When it is raining or even snowing outside, it can lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles. Unfortunately, we see a significant number of bus accident passengers left with serious injuries due to accidents caused by heavy rain, snow, or icy road conditions.
  • Overcrowding: When there are too many bus passengers in the vehicle, it can result in a serious accident. Unfortunately, many Dallas bus accidents involve overloaded vehicles. When accidents involving a lot of bus passengers occur, there is a high chance of mass casualties resulting from the incident.
  • Poor visibility: When a bus driver is unable to see the road ahead, there is an increased risk that they may be involved in an accident. Sometimes accidents occur as a result of drivers who cannot see the road ahead due to poorly lit roads, inclement weather conditions, and other reasons.
  • Improper maintenance: When buses are not properly maintained, it increases the risk of an accident occurring. Accidents involving improper maintenance often lead to tire blowouts and other mechanical failures that cause devastating crashes.
  • Error on the part of the driver: When drivers fail to operate their vehicles responsibly, it can lead to serious accidents taking place. Sometimes bus accidents happen because of drivers who recklessly switch lanes, tailgate, or engage in other reckless actions while behind the wheel.
  • Distracted driving: Driver distractions are one of the leading causes of all auto accidents in the state of Texas. Unfortunately, buses are not immune to this fact. We have seen many accidents take place in our state due to bus drivers who are texting on their phones, eating, or engaging in conversation with others on board. Anything that takes the attention of a bus driver off the road can have serious consequences, including terrible injuries and even death.

If you have been hurt as a result of a bus accident, it is important that you act quickly to protect your legal rights. Seeking the assistance of a Dallas bus accident lawyer can help to ensure you are able to secure the full compensation that you are entitled to by law to cover the damages, both financial and otherwise, that have resulted from your accident.

Requirements for Bus Safety

Given the number of passengers within the average bus, as well as the size and weight compared to an average car or truck, any accident involving a bus is far more likely to result in a higher number of injured passengers, as well as a greater chance of more serious injuries.

By law, bus drivers are required to provide passengers with a duty of care while traveling on Texas roadways. Passengers have the right to ride on:

  • Buses that are properly maintained
  • Buses that routinely pass safety inspections
  • Buses that have safe entryways and exits
  • Buses with drivers who remain in control of the bus at all times
  • Buses with drivers who are proven qualified

Although it is often assumed that drivers of these commercial vehicles are always liable for bus accidents, that is not always the case. It is crucial to determine who is at fault for your bus accident in order to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. Sometimes the wreck may occur due to the actions of another motorist on the road, or damage to the roadway, among other possibilities.

Working with our Dallas bus accident attorney can help to ensure you are able to identify who is at fault for your accident. Schedule a free consultation with our bus accident attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm as soon as possible to discuss your case and the legal options that you have for getting justice.

Common Bus Accident Injuries

Given the large number of passengers that are usually on board when bus accidents take place, there is a significant chance that several people will suffer serious injuries simultaneously. Although no two bus accidents are the same, there are similarities when it comes to the type of injuries that victims suffer during them. Some of the most common injuries that victims sustain when they’re involved in a bus accident include:

  • Brain injuriesincluding traumatic brain injuries – A traumatic brain injury is incredibly debilitating. People who suffer from these injuries often experience mood problems, memory loss, and even concentration problems. Traumatic brain injuries also result in overwhelming pain and suffering, which can last for the rest of one’s life.
  • Injuries to the spinal cord (paralysis) – Spinal cord injuries are especially debilitating. Those who suffer from these injuries as a result of a Dallas bus accident sometimes have to go through emergency medical treatment, and spinal cord injuries often result in permanent paralysis. When someone who is injured in a bus accident suffers a complete spinal cord fracture, they may lose the ability to walk or use any part of their body below the point of impact. When there is an incomplete spinal cord injury, the patient often requires extensive therapy and rehabilitation in order to regain some strength or even moderate use of the affected limbs.
  • Damage to nerves – When someone suffers severe cuts and lacerations in a bus accident, there is a chance that they will suffer damage to their nerves. These injuries can be incredibly painful and result in permanent disabilities.
  • Fractures – Bone fractures can be incredibly painful. Many people who suffer these injuries have to wear casts for several weeks or even months after their accidents. In severe cases, bone fractures can require surgery.
  • Sprains to muscles – Sprains and strains are incredibly common injuries in bus accidents. Unfortunately, these injuries can be incredibly painful and debilitating. Patients who suffer these injuries often require therapy and rehabilitation, which can last for several weeks to months after the accident.
  • Whiplash – Whiplash is a very common injury occuring from bus accidents that we often see here in Dallas. Many buses don’t require seat belts for all passengers, so when people inside buses are thrown around, there is a significant chance that they will suffer whiplash and other neck and soft tissue injuries. These injuries can result in limitations to range of motion and they can be incredibly painful.
  • Cuts, bruises, and lacerations – When bus occupants are thrown around inside, there is also an increased risk that they will be struck by broken glass and other flying objects. This can result in severe cuts, bruises, and lacerations. These injuries cause a great deal of pain and can result in permanent scarring and disfigurements.
  • Burn injuries – Burn injuries result from being exposed to chemicals or even being trapped inside a burning bus. Burn injuries can be incredibly debilitating and extremely painful.
Our Dallas bus accident lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm understand how difficult it can be to deal with painful physical and emotional injuries after a Dallas bus accident. For this reason, our team will fight diligently to identify who is liable for your accident and take legal action against them. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you have the financial compensation that you need to cover the cost of medical treatment, both immediate and long-term.

Bus Company Liability for Accidents

There are many instances where the actions or inactions of a bus company play a large role in an accident. The attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm know what information to look for to help prove all liable parties accountable for the injuries and damages victims have sustained. Our team will review the evidence surrounding an accident to determine if negligence on behalf of the bus company took a part in the accident. Some of the things we look for include:

  • Whether the driver was adequately trained
  • Whether routine and required inspections were performed
  • Whether the bus was adequately maintained and kept in good repair
  • Whether drivers were afforded breaks or if they were pressured to work overtime hours excessively

Bus companies who engage in reckless and negligent practices should be held accountable. Not only are you getting compensation for your injuries and damages, but legal claims can help to protect others in the future by incentivizing bus companies, drivers, and other parties involved to act more responsibly.

In order to hold any party accountable for injuries and damages resulting from a bus accident, it is imperative to prove that the elements of negligence existed. These elements include proving:

  • The bus driver or other responsible driver owed you the duty of care
  • The bus driver or other responsible driver breached the duty of care
  • You suffered injuries as a result of the breach
  • The injuries you suffered resulted in damages

Working with a knowledgeable and skilled bus accident lawyer in Dallas will ensure you are in the best position imaginable to protect your legal rights and get the justice you deserve. Contact Rasansky Law Firm today to discuss your potential case.

How Rasansky Law Firm Can Help You

The time following a bus accident can be extremely overwhelming. Most people are unsure of how to move forward after being injured. It is crucial that you seek legal guidance as soon as possible so you can get the justice and compensation you deserve. The attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm have decades of experience helping victims hold wrongdoers accountable after their accidents. When it comes to bus accidents, there are several parties who can be found liable for your injuries and damages, including:

  • The driver of the bus – If the driver of the bus engaged in some type of reckless or negligent action while operating their vehicle, they can be held liable for any bus accident injuries and damages.
  • The bus management company – If the bus management company hires incompetent drivers, or unlicensed individuals, or engaged in other negligent practices, they can be held liable in the event of a bus accident.
  • The equipment manufacturer – Parts manufacturers that make and offer for sale defective parts for buses can be held liable if a bus accident takes place as a result of a defective part. In some cases, liability can extend to the retailer who sold the defective parts.
  • Other negligent drivers involved in the crash – There are many cases where bus accidents take place due to other drivers sharing the roads. These cases often involve car drivers who crash into them, cut off buses, or cause bus accidents in other ways.
  • Government entities (in public bus accidents) – City, county, or state governments may be held legally responsible for victims’ injuries in bus accidents involving city buses, defective roads, inadequate road designs, and various other factors.

Working with an aggressive Dallas bus accident lawyer will ensure those responsible are held accountable for their actions to the fullest extent. As soon as you meet with our team to discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident, we will answer any questions you may have, advise you on the best plan moving forward, and begin investigating the accident immediately should you choose to move forward with our firm representing you.

During the investigation, our attorneys will gather critical evidence to support your claim for damages. Here are some examples of what evidence may be collected after your bus accident:

  • Information located on the electronic control module (black box) of the bus
  • GPS equipment information from the bus that can provide insight as to what happened at the time of your accident
  • Copies of the driver’s logbook that show how long the driver was on the road and if there were any state or federal law violations

In some cases, Rasansky Law Firm’s bus accident attorneys work with experts who can recreate the accident to uncover vehicle speeds, impacts of weather conditions, and various other factors surrounding the accident. This information, coupled with medical reports, bills, and police reports, better positions our attorneys to demand full and fair compensation for our clients to ensure they are able to get the compensation they need to adequately move forward. Contact our law firm at your earliest convenience to see how we can help you.

Speak With a Dallas Bus Accident Attorney

Being injured in a bus accident can have an overwhelming impact on a person’s life. Many people injured this way are forced to undergo emergency medical treatment and receive long-term medical care for their injuries. Many of those harmed in these collisions are left with injuries that leave them permanently impaired, facing seemingly insurmountable physical, mental and financial challenges. The good news is, a qualified bus accident lawyer can help get the necessary compensation to regain a better quality of life and move on from such a traumatic event.

For decades, Rasansky Law Firm has provided competent and effective representation for thousands of clients throughout Texas. Our bus accident attorneys in Texas understand the unique challenges accident victims face, which is why we strive to help our clients reach their goals and move forward after being injured. Our attorneys believe a person who is injured due to someone else’s negligence should never be forced to spend thousands of dollars of their own money to treat injuries and deal with other damages caused by the negligence of others. If you sustained injuries in a bus accident, call us 24/7 at 214-617-1886. If we can help with your claim, we’ll do so for no out-of-pocket cost to you. Schedule a free case evaluation at your earliest convenience to discuss legal options available for you.

Negotiations With an Insurance Company After a Dallas Bus Accident

After being injured in a Dallas area bus accident, you will likely face financial challenges immediately, starting with medical bills. Having an attorney represent you is imperative to ensure you have the negotiating power necessary to get you the maximum possible compensation under the law. Your bus accident attorneys will be able to help you navigate the complex legal process and fight for compensation on your behalf.

In many instances, insurance companies will rush to offer settlements to injured parties. This is standard practice, as insurance companies will do everything in their power in order to minimize the compensation that you are able to recover. Rather than rushing to accept the settlement offer from the insurance company, reach out to an attorney that can help you negotiate compensation.

Our Dallas bus accident lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm will conduct an investigation for you. We will use the strongest evidence possible on your behalf to negotiate compensation with the insurance company. When it comes to settlement negotiations, there are several reasons why you want a skilled bus accident lawyer on your side.

Generally, we will use the evidence collected on your behalf to present a demand for compensation to the insurance company of the bus driver. We will specify the amount of time that they have to respond so that we can move forward with our settlement. If the bus company does not accept the offer that our Dallas bus accident lawyers present, then they will either come back with a counteroffer or just a denial. At this point, we will often schedule a mediation so that we can negotiate compensation in front of a neutral third party.

During settlement negotiations, you will meet with our Dallas bus accident lawyer in a meeting where we will also gather with the bus company and its lawyers. We will review the evidence and discuss the compensation that you need for your damages.

If we cannot come to a satisfactory settlement agreement on your behalf during negotiations, we will move forward with filing a lawsuit. Our Dallas bus accident lawyers have decades of experience in fearless litigation when it comes to handling personal injury claims for those injured in bus accidents. Our team will fight diligently to ensure you can secure the compensation you need in a timely manner.

After the offer is accepted, you will need to sign a release of liability form that states that you are relinquishing your right to sue in exchange for the agreed-upon sum. This binding contract is critical, so it is important that you clearly understand what you are signing.

After releasing liability, the insurance company will send a check to our law office, which we will then distribute to you after deducting our fees for representation. We will go over all of this information for you, so you are fully aware of what takes place throughout the process.

Speak With a Dallas Bus Accident Lawyer For Free

The attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm are happy to speak to you about your potential case completely free of charge. If we can help with your claim, we’ll do so for no out-of-pocket cost to you. Call us 24/7 at 214-617-1886.

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