$5.97 Million Truck Accident Settlement

Total Recovery:
$5,978,482.56 (Policy Limits)

Truck Accident / Catastrophic Personal Injury

Truck Accident Photo
Accident Scene

Jeff and his team of lawyers, accident reconstructionists and medical experts vigorously fought for this 48 year old client who was catastrophically injured in horrific truck accident.

In September of 2015, an irresponsible construction trucking company’s unqualified and inattentive driver, while traveling at speeds close to 70 MPH, plowed into the rear of our client’s light-weight pickup truck. As a result of the force of this impact, our client’s truck was propelled across the center line of the highway into oncoming lanes of traffic where it collided with an approaching vehicle before flipping over into a ditch nearly 275 feet from the initial point of impact, causing our client to spend the rest of his life imprisoned in his own body as a tetraplegic.

This is a shocking and appalling case of pure corporate irresponsibility. Within eight months of this truck wreck, Rasansky Law Firm filed a lawsuit and discovered that this defendant trucking company consciously disregarded the Federal Motor Carrier Administration’s safety regulations by failing to properly qualify, hire, train and supervise its truck drivers. All of these failures became even more apparent after Rasansky and his team reviewed the data recorded by the electronic control module (ECM) or “black box” for the Mack truck driven by the defendant driver. Specifically, the data unequivocally supported the position that the driver failed to control his speed so that he could stop within available sight distance, failed to maintain a safe following distance, failed to keep track of his surroundings, and failed to determine the actions of the pickup truck ahead of him.

Our client was flown to a trauma center from the crash site and was diagnosed with a flexion teardrop fracture of his C3 vertebrae, resulting in a spinal cord injury. More likely than not, our client will never walk again and will have limited use of only one arm and hand. Otherwise, our client will be fully paralyzed from the neck down and will require around the clock skilled nursing care for the remainder of his life.

As a result of the Rasansky team’s efforts, our client secured a significant and sizable financial recovery that will provide him with the resources to ensure that he is taken care of for the rest of his life, and allow him to leave his nursing home and live independently in his own home with close to around-the-clock nursing care.

Rasansky Law Firm remains steadfast in its commitment to zealously pursue and prosecute grossly negligent trucking companies who operate flatbed truckstanker truckstow trucks, or any type of 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle, and to hold those responsible fully accountable for their actions.

Total Award: $5,978,482.56
Attorney Fees: $2,391,393.02
Case Expenses:  $37,437.49

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