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The number of people who suffer catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths after falling from scissor lifts and/or aerial work platforms is staggering. These accidents usually involve heights in excess of six feet, and often occur in the construction industry where these types of lifts are commonly used.

Scissor Lift Accident Attorney in Dallas Texas
Scissor Lift / Elevated Platform Accidents

It is not surprising to find that on an annual basis, construction workers are more-likely to lose their lives when they fall from heights in excess of six feet (a 32-35% mortality rate). More alarming, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is that from 1993 to 1999, there was an average of 18 boom lift and eight scissor lift-related deaths annually in the construction industry alone. The root causes of the majority of the falls from these pieces of equipment are reportedly unsafe actions due to a lack of training and unsafe conditions such as lax safety measures.

Within the general construction industry, falls from aerial lifts accounted for about three percent of all fatal accidents reported. When you narrow that down to only painters and drywallers (who frequently use mobile elevated platforms to perform their work), falls from aerial lift platforms accounted for 17 percent of all fatal accidents reported! Only roofers, electricians and iron workers have a higher fall fatality rate. Statistics also show that scissor lift accidents account for about ten percent more fatalities than aerial boom lift accidents.

The top 10 causes of elevated platform falls.

Most serious injuries and deaths are caused by falls from the lift. Some workers become injured after being struck by booms and baskets, and a smaller number of workers have been crushed between the equipment and a fixed structure.

After the OSHA Standards Committee reviewed the statistics regrading elevated platform accidents in the construction industry in the mid-90s, they determined it was essential to include both scissor and aerial lifts in their latest revision of the safety standards for construction industry scaffolds. The investigation revealed the ten most-hazardous activities involving man lifts for drywallers and painters include:

  1. Operation of a lift on an uneven surface
  2. Coming in contact with holes, drop-offs, and debris while operating elevated equipment
  3. Being in the proximity of the 42-inch minimum top rail by climbing above it and leaning over it
  4. Overloading the boom and then collapsing it (for instance, attempting to use it as a material crane)
  5. Coming into contact with electrical conductors from a portion of the lift that is not insulated (electrocution)
  6. Failing to put outriggers into place or to effectively brace in order to avoid tip-over
  7. Electrical conductors coming into contact with the body or the body coming into contact with the induction field
  8. Operating the lift in bad weather or when visibility is poor
  9. Allowing inexperienced or untrained operators on the equipment
  10. Mechanical or structural defects that are unseen and/or unobserved

While there are many overt causes for these types of accidents, there often also exist various underlying causes which may not be immediately apparent. Were employees properly trained by their employers? Were safety practices often skirted or overlooked? Was there a defect with the equipment? Was the equipment used after being damaged or modified? The answers to these questions are very important to your case, and can determine the legal options available to you and your family.

The bottom line.

Whenever an individual falls from an aerial lift while in the performance of his/her job, there is a potential for not only a lawsuit against the employer as the result of the work accident, but also a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. It’s important to keep in mind that Texas does not require employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, so in many cases, hiring an attorney to file a claim or lawsuit may be your only option at holding the negligent company responsible for your injury or loved one’s death.

Our Dallas work injury attorneys are happy to review the facts of your case for free, and advise you of the legal options available to you and your family. It’s our job to advocate on your behalf and recover the compensation necessary to leave you and your family whole again. We don’t charge you anything up front to hire us, and we only get paid if we actually win you money. Call us today at (214) 617-1886 or (214) 617-1886 for more information.

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