Deadly Dallas Truck Crash Leaves Frisco Man without his Family

A deadly car accident on Friday night in Kaufman near Frisco, Texas left two small children and their mother dead, several people injured and one man badly burned and without his family.
Lakeysha and Wyndell Greene were taking their two young children to Louisiana to celebrate their son Kyle’s birthday when their Toyota 4Runner was rear ended by an 18-wheeler, pushing them into the Toyota Corolla in front of them and subsequently pushing the Corolla into another big rig.  With their car wedged between the two vehicles, the Greene’s were trapped.
According to eyewitness accounts, Lakeysha was trying to save her children when she unbuckled her seatbelt to tend to them in the back seat.  She would soon be ejected from the vehicle and killed.

Truck Accident in Frisco Texas
Fatal Truck Accident in Frisco

Kyle Evans, a tow truck driver, was working another accident on the other side of the highway when he heard the big rigs brakes lock up.  He courageously tried to save Lakeysha and her two children but it was too late.  He was, however, able to pull Wyndell from the fiery wreckage in time to save his life.  Wyndell is in Parkland Hospital suffering from 3rd degree burns.
The other people involved in this deadly truck wreck were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
This tragic truck wreck is yet another reminder of the dangers that 18-wheelers can cause to other motorists.  Anytime a 30,000-pound vehicle collides with a 4,000-pound car, the results can be devastating.
Big rigs are a staple of the American transport system and as a result they are commonplace on America’s highways.  Unfortunately, this also means that deaths as a result of truck wrecks are commonplace.  Sadly, many of these deadly truck crashes can and should be avoided.
The very nature of the trucking industry breeds unsafe and dangerous driving.  Drivers are pushed to make deadlines and this often results in drivers that are forced to travel over the speed limit, with little to no sleep or rest.
This is a dangerous combination and poses a deadly threat to other drivers.  Whether a truck driver is running a red light to make a deadline, or speeding and following too closely with no room to stop, it’s no question that they are in control of a vehicle that could cause catastrophic harm to others.
Not only does this deadly car accident serve as a reminder of the dangers that 18-wheelers cause to other drivers, but it also raises questions about the safety of the vehicle the Greene’s were driving.
The Toyota 4Runner burst into an inferno as the result of a rear collision.  Although all of the facts have yet to be released, a wreck of this nature should seemingly not end in such a tragic manner.  With Toyota’s track record of covering up automobile defects, it makes one wonder about the true safety of ANY of their vehicles.
As more facts are uncovered about this deadly car accident, it will be important to research the details of the events and attempt to discover whether or not there might be some defect that caused the Greene’s 4Runner to burst into flames in the manner that it did.
Thoughts and prayers must go out to Wyndell Greene.  A man that now finds himself fighting for his life physically, and will find himself fighting to come to grips with the fact that he has lost his beautiful young family in a matter of minutes-all because of a series of events that could have, and should have been avoided.



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