The Role of Dash Cams in Proving Fault in Car Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions can cause profound distress and even change the course of a victim’s life, leaving behind financial strains, physical and emotional harm, and ongoing stress. Of course, filing an accident claim in the aftermath can help you secure recompense for your losses when a negligent party has caused your crash.

Moreover, the dashcam is one device that can assist in mitigating some of the ambiguity associated with car accident cases, providing solid evidence to prove your narrative of the incident. Your team of car accident attorneys will review the function of dashcams in establishing liability in your case and determine the ways in which this evidence can assist accident victims, as well as their attorneys, in attaining an equitable resolution.

Common Types of Evidence For Accident Claims

If your case gets to trial, you or your personal injury attorney must submit evidence to a judge or jury. On top of that, while Texas law does allow accident victims to pursue compensation, it does so within time constraints: a two-year statute of limitations exists for filing an auto accident claim in Texas.

Once again, in a civil suit, the party presenting evidence has the burden of proof, and this proof generally falls into four main categories:

  1. Verifiable proof: Physical objects left at the accident site are examples of real or verifiable evidence. The jury may be able to handle and view evidence such as your damaged vehicle, a faulty product, or other tangible objects.
  2. Witnesses’ personal testimonies: Witness testimony is a sort of evidentiary proof. It often covers testimony from eyewitnesses (those who observed the incident firsthand) and expert witnesses (later retained by a plaintiff’s team to provide testimony in a particular field).
  3. Records or written documentation: Documented evidence is admissible to prove that the defendant is at fault. Evidence might include everything from photos and videos to police reports, medical files, and insurance policies.
  4. Demonstrative or visual evidence: Proof of a defendant’s guilt may be shown via demonstrative evidence. Animations, infographics, and other comparable technologies are often used as examples and video evidence, such as from dashcams.

Dashcam Evidence After a Texas Car Crash

The Role of Dash Cams in Proving Fault in Car AccidentsDashcams can greatly assist in the collection of evidence following an accident by providing an objective, unbiased record of the events preceding a collision. Video evidence has the potential to prove fault by showing specifics surrounding the wreck that might not be readily discernible only from witness testimonies or police reports.

For instance, dashcam footage can reveal whether a motorist had the right-of-way before a crash, was speeding, or ran a red light; such information is indispensable when establishing liability. Additionally, dashcam recordings can provide an irrefutable chronology of events preceding a wreck, which can be especially useful when multiple parties are involved in an accident.

Court Admissibility of Dashcam Footage

In the majority of Texas auto accident cases, dash cam video is admissible as evidence. For example, you may provide it to your insurance provider to show that you were not at fault for the collision and stop your rates from being unjustly raised. If your Texas personal injury accident lawyers cannot come to a fair settlement with the insurance company and you have to go to trial, you might be able to utilize it.

Still, remember that the plaintiff must provide evidence that the defendant’s carelessness or negligence was the direct cause of the harm or injuries they sustained. Moreover, in cases of personal injury in Texas, state law requires that persons take early action after suffering an injury in an accident to protect crucial evidence. You must find, secure, and gather all the evidence that will be required to back up your claim.

Other Evidence to Support Dashcam Footage

You will be unable to hold the defendant accountable for your injuries without a sufficient amount of proof. So, if possible, don’t plan to rely on dashcam footage alone and begin collecting additional evidence regarding the accident in question, including but not limited to the following:

  • Pictures of the accident site
  • First-hand accounts and witness statements
  • Official copies of your medical chart and/or records
  • Journal entries about the experience
  • Statements and judgments from specialists or expert witnesses in the field

This list may not include every possible piece of evidence that might be used to support your personal injury claim. Keep track of all the details that might help your case, particularly if they point to another party’s responsibility for the accident. Contact a lawyer if you need help collecting evidence while hospitalized.

Correct Positioning For Dashcams in Texas

Dash cameras are not explicitly mentioned under Texas law. However, it is against Texas law to restrict a driver’s vision. If a dash cam is installed incorrectly, it may block your vision. Thus, position your camera in the passenger-side dashboard corner.

By positioning the dashcam within the specified areas, drivers can follow the proper legal requirements and ensure optimal visibility and driver safety at all times.

Call the Rasansky Law Firm in Dallas After a Car Accident

Tens of thousands of families in our state are impacted in some way by automobile accidents and other related incidents. If you are coping with the consequences of a serious car crash, you should not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer in Dallas. It’s possible that you could get compensated for your injuries and upcoming financial obligations, depending on the circumstances.

At the Rasansky Law Firm in Dallas, our staff has over thirty years of expertise in helping victims of accidents caused by careless and reckless drivers go on with their lives. Our clientele receives trustworthy legal counsel from our group of experienced and well-regarded attorneys who work together as a team. We are willing to explore the circumstances surrounding your accident and assess the legal options available to you.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident in Texas and you have concerns about your legal options, please do not hesitate to call our legal team at 214-617-1816 for a free examination of your case any time, day or night, seven days a week.



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