Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Dog breedsIf you are planning to get a dog, you have to be well-prepared for it. Dogs aren’t always those cute little playthings you see in the movies who get along well with everyone. Some dogs have been known to turn aggressive on their owners without proper training and supervision and cause serious harm to them or their family members. Read on to find out about some of the most aggressive dog breeds.

What Causes Aggression?

Aggressive dog breeds don’t show aggression all the time. They are just particularly responsive to specific situations, which can be very triggering for them. These situations could be when they’re feeling sick, are in pain, or even afraid. 

Not all aggression is deliberately hostile. Sometimes their aggression can also stem from feeling protective of their owners from perceived danger. Sometimes, dogs can get very possessive about their things. 

It is important to understand the reason behind aggressive behavior in dogs. Dogs aren’t always going to act according to what you want, and they can become territorial and dominant. 

Signs of Aggressive Behavior

Many dog breeds exhibit their aggression in a variety of ways. Unless you are well-trained in handling such situations, it is best to back off until they quiet down. Some of the aggressive behaviors are listed below

  • Barking
  • Snarling
  • Biting
  • Chasing after someone
  • Showing their teeth
  • Snapping at people

Common Aggressive Dog Breeds


The Chihuahuas is considered to be the smallest dog breed in the world. Their weight is usually between four to six pounds. Their hair can either be short or long and be of any color. Chihuahuas originally belonged to the Mexican state of Chihuahua, from which its name was derived. 

Chihuahuas are extremely loyal and protective of their owners. This protectiveness may cross the line towards jealousy, and they would become quite ready to snap or bite the ankles of anyone who dares to invade their space. Chihuahuas are not recommended to be around children because of their dislike of strangers.


Dachshunds weigh between 8 to 32 pounds. They are also relatively small, and they can have long or short hair of any color.

The Dachshund originated in Germany and had gone almost extinct by the end of World War I. However, their population recovered, and they are now one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

Dachshund is like to suffer from “small dog syndrome,” a condition that makes dogs try to make up for their small size with aggression. They can get along well with children if they are socialized with them from the beginning. 

However, if you have other small pets like mice and hamsters, you have to be extra cautious as they can trigger their strong hunting instinct.

Wolf Hybrid

The wolf hybrid is the most common in the wolf-type dog breeds. As the name indicates, it is a hybrid of a dog and a wolf (commonly the grey wolf).  

Being a hybrid of the two such species, it is no surprise when we say it is quite unpredictable and has an extremely high prey drive. Wolf hybrids are perhaps the most aggressive dog breed in the world.


Basenji are quite adorable to look at with their small size and beautiful coats, but they can be really aggressive. Their aggression is accounted for by their breeding history and genetics.

Basenji came originally from Central Africa. They have an acute sight that can easily put them in their hunting modes if they happen to see any movement of a small animal. 

They are one of the least trainable dogs. Their appearance might attract a lot of attention; however, this breed is quite reserved. They prefer to have one master; however, if you are thinking of adopting one, it’s best to speak with a dog trainer who has experience in dealing with them.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russells are small in size, weighing between 14 to 18 pounds. They can have either short or long hair on their coats or both. 

Jack Russells originally came from England, where people had been using them to hunt foxes. They have also been used for hunting groundhogs and badgers. 

These dogs are full of energy and tenacity. They don’t get along well with children, to the point that most experts warn families with young children not to adopt Jack Russells. There have been several cases of young children being bitten by them. They need to be handled by an expert dog trainer.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are highly intelligent for a dog breed. They have a dominant personality and are most commonly used in the military and police force. 

These dogs are extremely territorial and overprotective of their families hence the reason behind their aggression towards outsiders. They need to be familiarized very quickly with people, especially by someone who has extensive experience in understanding German shepherd’s needs. Without proper focus and training, they can wreak havoc in your house.


Rottweilers are large in size, weighing between 85 to 130 pounds. They have dense coats, usually with short hair.

Rottweilers originated from Rottweil, Germany, and were primarily used for herding cattle and hunting bears. Nowadays, you can find them most commonly as guard dogs and are popular in the army and police force due to their high intelligence.

Rottweilers prefer to keep to themselves and usually avoid mingling with others. They are extremely protective and territorial and are often found defending their homes. While they can get along well with children, their size and energy levels can prove hazardous for families with young children or toddlers.


Pitbulls are the stereotype of aggressive dog breeds. They were originally used in helping with hunting bulls and bears. Nowadays, they are also used for a darker purpose, namely, dogfighting. Because of their high energy levels, they can prove to be dangerous for your children, although there have been many cases where they are pretty docile and friendly. 


This list doesn’t intend to paint all dogs with the same brush. Many of the dog breeds mentioned above may not always be aggressive, but they have a higher potential of harming others than other dog breeds. It is always recommended to consult a professional dog trainer before adopting any of these.

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