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Under what circumstances can one sue after an airplane crash?

Dallas Airplane Accident Lawyer
Dallas Airplane Accidents

We’ve all seen airplane crashes in the news, and these types of accidents almost always lead to catastrophic injuries and/or death. What many people fail to realize is that investigating a plane crash and determining liability can be a very complex endeavor. You can be certain that the airline’s insurance company is hard at work trying to limit their own liability, and without someone fighting on your side, you can easily damage your case or lose your ability to successfully recover any amount of compensation.
You only get one shot at a lawsuit, and it is in your best interest to seek out a reputable airplane accident attorney in Dallas, Texas.
All national and international airliners have stringent safety standards that need to be met before takeoff. The aviation industry understands the need for these exceptionally high standards because of the potential consequences of one tiny mistake or oversight. Whether it’s a routine maintenance check, securing the cabin door or making sure that a rowdy passenger is placated, every precaution needs to be taken care of in order to reduce the chances of an incident.

Safety cannot always be guaranteed.

Unfortunately safety is never 100 percent guaranteed. Bad weather, pilot error and faulty equipment can all contribute to the occurrence of a plane crash. In Texas, you as a survivor or relative of an individual who was injured or died may be able to sue the airline, maintenance company, and/or related third parties in order to recover compensation for injuries, loss of income, and/or the wrongful death of a loved one.
Here is a list of just a few things that can potentially lead to a plane crash:

Aviation Accident Lawsuits
Aviation Accident Lawsuits
  1. Pilot error.
  2. Inadequate security.
  3. Equipment failure.
  4. Air traffic control error.
  5. Failure to avoid inclement weather.
  6. Collisions.
  7. Shifting bags during flight.
  8. Hijacking.
  9. A fuel leak.
  10. Pilot incapacity.

Airplane crashes and liability.

Whether you’re on a commercial or non-commercial flight, it’s important to know that someone is almost always liable for an accident; plane crashes don’t just happen randomly. The negligence of a pilot, mechanic, or air traffic controller can easily lead to an aviation accident. If defective equipment is to blame, the manufacturer of that product can be sued as well.
Due to the catastrophic nature of airplane crashes, your claim will likely be for a substantial amount of money (and for good reason). Your family will likely need compensation for a variety of things, such as: medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of expected future income, loss of companionship, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more.

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