Common Misconceptions about Personal Injury Cases Debunked

Victims of personal injuries may suffer agonizing wounds and incur enormous medical costs. However, many people injured in accidents don’t seek compensation because they believe the myths and misunderstandings surrounding filing a case and working with a personal injury attorney.

Still, unsurprisingly, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, about 30 million Americans visit emergency rooms for accident injuries annually. Remember that, regardless of the details surrounding your accident, if someone else’s carelessness caused your injuries, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and seek monetary damages.

That said, widespread misconceptions and myths about personal injury complicate the process. Read on to clarify some of the most common misconceptions relating to personal injury claims.

Will Insurance Manage My Claim?

Your own insurance provider could indeed manage part of your case. After a vehicle accident, for instance, a claim under your policy might be filed regardless of fault. However, you should not assume your insurance provider will take care of your claim entirely. After all, you may have to file a case against the other driver or their insurance company in court.

Moreover, it might be difficult to negotiate a personal injury settlement with an insurer on your own. Unfortunately, most insurance firms care more about their bottom line than they do about fairly compensating those injured, so you should expect them to downplay the significance of your allegation or outright reject it. You should consult a reputable personal injury lawyer for this process as soon as possible.

Can You File a Claim For Minor Injuries?

Common Misconceptions about Personal Injury Cases DebunkedThis is arguably the most harmful myth about personal injury claims. You should absolutely consider filing a personal injury claim, even if your injuries are minor. This is because some injuries manifest slowly while others worsen over time.

Additionally, it’s very common for victims of personal injury accidents to misjudge the severity of their injuries, not to mention the potential for long-term mental trauma. Victims may be traumatized to the point that they won’t want to drive again, even after a fender bender.

First, a medical practitioner should always conduct a complete evaluation so you can decide if you’d like to seek recompense. From there, your lawyer will consider both immediate and future damages, such as the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or the gradual onset of stiffness and disabilities from physical injuries. Experienced lawyers may use data from previous cases and their own understanding of precedents to determine how much your case is worth.

Whatever the details of your case may be, it is in your best interest to speak with an Orange County personal injury attorney about your options. Moreover, physical injuries are not the sole basis for a personal injury claim. Pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other intangible losses may all be claimed for compensation in a personal injury case.

You may maximize your financial recovery with the experience of an attorney. Similarly, many believe that an attorney will cost a fortune. But most personal injury lawyers will take cases on a contingency fee basis. A lawyer will analyze your case and answer your questions during a free first consultation. No money is due up advance or out of pocket while working under a contingency fee arrangement. Your lawyer will only be paid if they successfully secure a settlement on your behalf.

Is Courtroom Testimony Required in a Personal Injury Claim?

No, not always. Some victims of personal injuries have to testify in court as part of a case, although this rarely happens. Personal injury lawsuits in Texas rarely make it to trial.

In fact, according to data collected by authorities, fewer than 1 in 20 personal injury lawsuits result in a courtroom trial. This kind of litigation often ends in a settlement.

Texas’s Statute of Limitations

Remember, however, that you cannot file a claim at any time. In Texas, all personal injury claims are subject to a time restriction. A personal injury claim must be filed within two years of the accident that caused the injuries under Texas’s statute of limitations.

Even though it may seem like a long time, you should always submit your claim before the statute of limitations expires. Your attorney may have difficulty establishing fault the longer you wait since evidence and witness testimony may be lost or destroyed.

Negative Connotations of Personal Injury Claims

Unfortunately, some negative connotations are attached to filing a personal injury claim, which may cause victims to doubt that they deserve compensation, but you should never feel bad about seeking compensation for your injuries. Victims who must pay for their medical care and rehabilitation may be in dire financial straits. You have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and other losses if they were brought about by an accident that was someone else’s fault.

Likewise, victims may be hesitant to file a lawsuit when they personally know the individual they believe to be at fault for their accident.

Once again, putting your health and financial needs first is crucial in these precarious circumstances. The insurance policy of a close friend or relative will likely cover your settlement, relieving them of any financial responsibility.

Call a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

Our team at the Rasansky Law Firm takes great pride and pleasure in our track record of successfully aiding accident victims in securing monetary compensation for their injuries and other losses.

We promise to treat you and your loved ones with the utmost respect and consideration through every step of the claim process. From the first day you step foot in our office, you and your loved ones will be treated with care and compassion.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service, striving to exceed each client’s expectations. Our attorneys have served the Dallas-Fort Worth region and the rest of Texas for over three decades, focusing on personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death cases, and so much more.

Reach out to our personal injury lawyers in Dallas at 214-617-1886 if you or a loved one have been injured in Texas due to the negligence of another party. Whether you have questions about the role of expert witnesses or want to learn more about filing your claim, our highly skilled and seasoned staff is here for you and yours.



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