My Child Has Cerebral Palsy, How?

Cerebral palsy is the result of injuries to the brain that occur before, during, or soon after delivery.

This condition is incurable; brain injuries do not heal. The symptoms can be widely variable from individual to individual. Some people with cerebral palsy have severely impaired mental abilities and others are have virtually no mental impairment. There are several ways that this injury can happen. Here are a few of the most common causes of cerebral palsy in infants.


Strokes are conditions where the blood supply to the brain is disrupted. This can happen to a fetus in the womb for any of a number of reasons. Sometimes it is the result of physician negligence and sometimes it is the result of natural causes.


When children contract severe infections, the damage can spread to the brain. In cases where CP results, the brain is usually inflamed or the tissues around the brain are inflamed, causing the brain damage that leads to CP. Infections can happen anywhere – at home, at daycare or even inside a hospital.


Sometimes, mutations in genes can end up causing problems with brain development. This can lead to CP in some cases.

Illnesses in the mother.

Infections that the mother suffers can end up causing damage to the fetus. These infections can result in the development of cerebral palsy.

No oxygen.

Infants and fetuses can be pinned in positions where they are strangled by their own umbilical cord before or during the birth process, cutting off oxygen to the brain. This could cause a brain injury that leads to cerebral palsy.

Head injuries.

In the womb, a fetus may suffer a head injury that could lead to permanent damage. In other cases, the head injury may be suffered shortly after the child is born. Head injuries can be as obvious as being dropped or as subtle as the result of using forceps or suction.
These injuries can all come about because of physician negligence. Some cases of cerebral palsy in infants could have been avoided if a doctor had taken a different course of actions or if they had simply taken actions when they did not. There will be an investigation into the cause of any birth injury a child suffered that resulted in cerebral palsy.
If it turns out that this investigation points to physician negligence as the proximate cause of your child’s injuries, you should speak with an attorney. They may be able to help you by informing you of your options where lawsuits are concerned. When children suffer CP injuries, the resulting expenses can be incredibly high. If it was doctor negligence that caused the injury, there’s no reason that you and your child should have to face those expenses alone.



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