The Effects of Road Construction on Traffic Accidents in Dallas

Dallas, with an approximate population of 1.3 million people, is ranked among the ten most populous cities in the United States. Given its considerable size, it is unsurprising that a substantial number of drivers demand infrastructure development to sustain and enlarge heavily traveled roadways. During the construction process, however, those roads often become extremely hazardous.

In fact, highway construction sites can be dangerous for drivers and road crews alike. Because our highways may have as many as 1,000 active work zones at any moment, it is unsurprising that Texas has the highest number of work zone fatalities in the nation. Road construction accidents claimed the lives of 186 Texans in the past year.

Work Zone and Road Construction Crashes

The majority of construction zone accident victims are law-abiding motorists who were injured due to another party’s negligence. Of course, careless drivers pose a significant risk to both construction zone workers and their fellow motorists. In a construction zone, space is restricted, and obstacles such as barricades and confined lanes introduce further dangers.

Therefore, all motorists must reduce their speed and exercise heightened caution upon encountering signs indicating the presence of a construction zone in their direction. All too often, ignoring these warning signals and the general dangers of a work zone proves fatal. The following are common causes stemming from negligent driving across work zones in Dallas and throughout the Lone Star State:

  • Ignoring or circumventing barricades or cones
  • Failure to reduce speed before entering a work zone
  • Failing to merge or change lanes when prompted by signage
  • Disregarding other warning signs and work zone alerts
  • Driving under the influence
  • Distracted driving

Negligence on Road Construction Sites

That said, construction company owners and administrators must ensure the welfare of their employees and drivers as they navigate construction zones. These businesses must hire qualified workers and provide the necessary resources to their employees to prevent accidents and ensure that operations function as efficiently as possible.

Serious injuries and fatalities may result from vehicle wrecks and other accidents that occur due to the failure of construction companies to follow proper safety protocols. The following are examples of negligent construction company actions that contribute to Texas work zone accidents, endangering the lives of drivers and construction workers alike:

  • Inadequate traffic regulation
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Lack of night lighting
  • Lack of clear signage for unseen maintenance
  • Poorly designated construction detours
  • Sloppy configuration of barricades or cones
  • Lack of visibility for warning signals and other signs
  • Unqualified workers
  • Roadway obstructions caused by a disorganized work site
  • Neglecting to provide employees with adequate safety equipment and instruction
  • Noncompliance with Texas state law or federal regulations
  • Failure to inspect work areas for potential dangers
  • Neglecting to safeguard instruments and equipment
  • Design deficiencies in construction zones

The absence of clearly marked and obvious traffic patterns or lane closures is common during road construction in Dallas, contributing to the hundreds of accidents that occur in construction zones across our state.

Nevertheless, construction workers are equally susceptible to the dangers of negligent driving, just as any other motorist. For instance, when a worker in a construction zone is hit by a driver, various additional parties may be held culpable for the incident, depending on the ultimate cause of the crash.

Traffic Control Zones in Texas

The Effects of Road Construction on Traffic Accidents in DallasIn Texas, an experienced traffic control plan (TCP) administrator collaborates with engineers during the planning phase to determine whether a traffic control zone is necessary for roadway construction. The TCP supervisor contributes to establishing a strategy to ensure that vehicles can traverse the work zone securely.

They oversee the work area and implement necessary adjustments during the undertaking. Additionally, they determine the optimal positioning of barriers, message boards, control signals, and message boards to ensure traffic safety. Sandbags, concrete walls, water-filled barriers, and impact cushions (also known as attenuators) are some of the implementable safety measures that TCP administrators may employ.

Liability For Work Zone Accidents

Any injuries caused by a work zone accident can subject drivers, government officials, construction company owners, and their employees to liability. Your Dallas personal injury attorney will determine whose negligence caused your injuries through an investigation of the accident.

They will then file claims on your behalf to recover any damages you or a loved one may have sustained, in addition to the cost of medical care. Possible damages available in such an accident include but are not limited to the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and future income loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability and disfigurement

Moreover, your Dallas auto accident attorney will conduct an investigation utilizing the following resources and methods:

  • Police reports and witness statements
  • Expert witnesses
  • Photographic and video evidence
  • Work zone records and employee background checks
  • Cell phone records of drivers
  • Accident site reconstructions

Regardless of fault, it’s also important to contact your insurance carrier in Texas and file a claim. Additionally, you should obtain the name and number of the claims adjuster assigned to your claim and add it to any files you’ve kept related to your crash. If you suffered injuries, keep your medical records and invoices. These types of documentation can assist your attorney in building a case.

Call a Dallas Auto Accident Lawyer After a Work Zone Crash

Reach out to a Dallas car accident attorney if you are dealing with the aftermath of a serious vehicle collision that occurred in a work zone. After speaking to one of our attorneys and walking through the facts of your case, you may find that you qualify for compensation to offset impending financial obligations.

Here at the Rasansky Law Firm, our Texas accident lawyers have more than thirty years of seasoned experience assisting victims of accidents caused by careless and reckless drivers in or outside of construction zones. Our highly educated, well-respected lawyers serve our clients with knowledgeable and trustworthy legal counsel. We are ready to assess the facts of your accident and assess your legal alternatives so that you can focus wholly on your recovery. If you have been injured in an auto accident in Texas and have concerns about your legal options, contact our personal injury lawyers in Dallas at 214-617-1816 for a free initial consultation of your claim.



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Disclaimer: As a valued member of the Dallas community, Rasansky Law Firm’s goal is to improve the safety of all residents in the great state of Texas. These posts should not be viewed as a solicitation for business and the information included herein should not be taken as medical or legal advice. The photos used in this post are not representative of the actual crash scene.

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